welcome to the commission zone lol


commissions will be accepted via instagram dms / email for fastest response
Please note all commission prices listed are for PERSONAL USE ONLY
commercial use commissions are open tho.

Template/requirements for ordering commissions are in the template tab


✦✧ PRICES ✦✧


[ Bust: $10 ]
[ Half body (thighs up): $20 ]
[ Full body: $35 ]
Additional Character is 50% of the original price.
★ Max characters varies ★

Line work

[ Bust: $5 ]
[ Half body (thighs up): $15 ]
[ Full body: $25 ]
Additional character is 50% of the original price.
★ Max characters varies ★


[ One (1) emote: $5 ]
[ Set of six (6): $30 ]

Ready to order?

Check out the terms of service & then use the template below and send me a dm/email


✓ WILL Draw: OCs, fanart, real people, blood, nsfw content to an extent.
✘ WONT Draw: Hard gore/fetish content, armor/mecha, anthro
I retain the right to turn down a commission for any reason. If you are unsure as to whether or not a commission falls within my boundaries, ask ^^ Exceptions can be made based on the contents.- Payments are available through either Paypal or Zelle (preferably paypal)
- Once the first draft sketch is complete no refunds are available.
- Payment IN FULL is required before I begin a commission
- You are not allowed to claim the work i provide as your own but are free to post it & provide proper credit.
- do not attempt to sell, trace or claim my artwork as your own.
- At the moment I do not provide complex backgrounds

Order template

For emails, name the email's subject "Username_Commission" Provide as many references as you see fit! (Clothing, color schemes, posing, etc) I prefer not to work off of written descriptions of drawings in terms of posing/colors/complex characters. Please have some sort of reference image.

con stuff

If you were a participant of any con i've attended who didn't manage to get whatever goods I was selling in time- send me a DM or Email (for email title the subject line: "Name/Username_Fanfair order") and i'll deliver the prints/stickers to you in person (if you go to my school) or mail it to you if you prefer!

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